Born in South Africa, Anastasia moved to Australia at a young age where she completed her formal tertiary education, which always included singing, ballet and piano

In her late teens she began singing with prominent Jazz ensembles in Melbourne and established collaborations with some of the ‘who’s who’ of the jazz scene. Around 1980 she was invited to join the the cast of Khalari , an African folk opera, that toured through Europe and the USA. Upon returning to Australia in 1981, she performes in John Montesante’s newly formed Soul Extravaganza, Grand WaZoo, as Venetta Fields did in later years.

Concurrently, Anastasia lead her own jazz ensembles, performing in clubs around Melbourne. Eventually her talent led her to Sydney where she was in demand , working across genres and again touring through Europe and Asia, with iconic figures in the Music Industry. She then became an intrinsic part of various Sydney bands, performing jazz, blues and soul

Returning to Melbourne after decades away, she has been writing and recording her own songs, performing in jazz showcases and coming full circle - returning to her soul roots.

She rejoined the band family of Grand WaZoo as a lead singer and also occasionally appears in band-leader, John’s jazz ensembles too.  It is wonderful to have her back on the front line.