Wylie J

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Born in Ohio, Afro-American singer, Wylie J Miller began his music  career in the US Navy, then developed into songwriter, recording artist, bass guitar player and vocalist. After leaving the marines, he freelanced for a decade, touring the US and SE Asia, eventually arriving in Australia in 1996. He started taking acting jobs on TV and worked in various Soul-Funk outfits as a bass guitarist, then included vocals. Wylie started to diversify into comedy, motivational speaking and radio, hosting his own show Wyliewood for two years, and sometimes busking ‘to stay in touch with the street’. He also developed an abiding bond with indigineous Australians. 

He is invited to feature with other bands, and is a favourite on International Cruises in season, along with his Grand WaZoo gigs.

Wylie joined Grand WaZoo - Kings of Soul late 1998, and has been on the band's front line  since - including internationally, and appearing frequently in the media. 

He is currently Grand WaZoo's  MC and lead Soul Man, with a velvet Soul voice and cheeky onstage persona.http://www.grandwazoo.com.au/